Probably the best way to understand how a certain thing is done is to watch a video clip where someone else explains the right actions you need to accomplish. This is valid specifically if you get a new web hosting account without having used such services beforehand, or if you’ve used a web hosting platform with a different account management dashboard and aren’t familiar with the way in which things are managed on the new one. An educational video clip can show you the simplest and speediest way to carry out a given task in your web hosting account, sparing you the effort of examining different options until you find the one that you actually need, or of reading long knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be unclear as to where you ought to go and what you ought to click.

Video Tutorials in Web Hosting

In case you order a web hosting service from our company, you’ll get access to many tutorial videos, which we’ve created with the intent to make our Hepsia hosting Control Panel even easier to work with. As you browse its sections, you will be able to acquaint yourself with how to use the various functions that you will find there merely by following the video link, which will always be on the right-hand side. You can then choose a video tutorial on the basis of what you would like to accomplish and, on the condition that you access the video clips through a particular section of the Control Panel, you’ll always find only related tutorials. In case you simply desire to discover more about Hepsia and its features, you can access the whole video catalogue through the link, which is located at the bottom of the page and see firsthand all the functions that we have integrated into the Control Panel.