The disk space feature displays the full volume of data that you're able to have on the web hosting server at one time. With a desktop computer, for example, this is the total size of one hard disk or the overall volume of all the hard disk drives in the event that your PC has more than 1. The same way that the space on a PC is divided between installed software, docs, music files etcetera, the server hard disk space is ordinarily shared between internet site files, databases and email messages. Every file, folder or email requires a little disk space on the server, so you should consider multiple factors, not just the size of the files which you upload. For instance, getting large email attachments or running a script-driven website where the user-generated info is located in a database also affects the hdd space you're using.

Disk Space in Web Hosting

All our web hosting packages were designed with the concept that limited disk space can't be something that should prevent the progress of your sites. For that reason we have applied an approach which is not the same as the one that most hosting providers apply - instead of just generating countless accounts using one server and eventually running out of disk space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage is taken care of by a whole cluster of servers. Because of this, we're able to install more machines whenever they are necessary and more HDDs, so as to provide you with extra disk space for the files of our users. Separate clusters take care of the emails and your databases, therefore not only is it possible to increase the size of your sites without worrying about hard disk space, but also all the servers will operate better and faster because each and every service has its own space for storing and one server does not handle various types of files.

Disk Space in Dedicated Hosting

The minimum HDD space available when you use our dedicated servers is 500 gigabytes. You'll have 2 HDDs, 250 GB each, and it is up to you how you will share out this storage space. You can easily have the drives in RAID, therefore all of your information will always be protected as one drive will function as a real-time mirror of the other one, or perhaps you're able to have them work individually, in order to use the total storing volume that will be at your disposal. The hdd space of all our Linux dedicated hosting will do for everything - vast electronic stores, data depository portal, private archive backup, and much more. We'll never keep back your web sites with regard to the storage space they need. When that they begin increasing, we supply you with the possibility to add extra drives to your current server when required. When you get the server with DirectAdmin or cPanel for the hosting Control Panel, you can make an individual account for every single hosted domain name and set a disk space quota for it. Using Hepsia all your domain names will be hosted in a single and they'll share the overall server space.